Board of Director
BOTC aims to be renowned as a local and international contracting company delivering projects and services to international marketplace. With their extensive training and leadership skills, vast work experience and commitment to company’s core of values, the company’s board of directors are responsible in turning BOTC’s vision into reality.
Khalil Jabra
Managing Director
Dori A. Labaki
Chief Executive Officer
Aman Shahani
Chairman Representative
Board Members
The Board members developed and maintained healthy relationships with the membership and through linkages helped the company keep in touch with current issues and set strategic directions. All Board members understood that their role is to act in the broad best interest of the BOTC, supporting directions that serve all employees and clients
Abdulla Al Malki
Board Member
Mohamed Al-Ali
Board Member
Senior Management
Our management team is committed to attain the company goals. We believe in teamwork and our leaders are driven for perfection and success.
Hassan Dandan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer-JV
Belal Al Arar
Chief Financial Officer
Jabr Karam
Chief Administration Officer